Azure L-1 Single axle

it on.

  • a heavy duty, automatic jockey wheel.
  • V - drawbar bolted.
  • Aluminium backwall with HAPERT-fasteners integrated.
  • A unique, completly welded en hot-dipped galvanised chassis suitable for trailers up to 1800 kg. Max. gross Weight.
  • The robust model is offered in various dimensions up to 3000 mm. X 1500 mm.
  • Several extra options.

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Azure L-2

Low-bed trailer | Double axle

Load capacity 2000 to 3500 kg View trailer

Azure H-1

Platform trailer | Single axle

Load capacity 750 to 1800 kg View trailer

Basic Pro, braked with V-drawbar

Low-bed trailer | Single axle | Multiplex sides 37 cm. high | Combi Protect Rail

Load capacity 1350 kg View trailer